Vero. The True Social Media?


No Ads. No Data Mining. No algorithms. These are the selling points of emerging social network VERO. The social network has opted to not run advertisements for the sake of a more genuine user experience. Vero makes the suggestion that advertisements on social media have created an imbalance between the interests of social media companies … Continue reading Vero. The True Social Media?

Is the hype around Vero dead?

Gartner Hype Cycles help visualize the stages of life of a new technology or application. Not only do hype cycles give us a graphic representation of maturity and adoption, they also help us answer a very important question. Is it all hype? In order to answer this question we must first understand the stages of … Continue reading Is the hype around Vero dead?

Social Media Interface Review: Vero

Vero, a social media app launched in 2015, has great aspirations of becoming the place to be for creatives, influencers, and generation Z. Follow us along as we dive into the Vero interface and how it stacks up against the best. Feed The feed, or homepage, has a clean seamless feel. Users can scroll down … Continue reading Social Media Interface Review: Vero

Lasso in the audience!

A guest article from Luis Toribio. Lasso is a short-form mobile video app that was launched on November 8, 2018, on both IOS and Google Play. This app was created by Facebook as a response to the merger between TikTok and Lasso thus far has been targeting a teenage audience that has LONG … Continue reading Lasso in the audience!

Who is using Vero?

Social media has created a huge opportunity for advertising. In fact more than 32 billion dollars has been spent on social media advertising this year and more than 37 billion dollars is projected to be spent on social media ads in the year 2020. However, it is believed for some brands, that advertising on social … Continue reading Who is using Vero?